Continue with this thought:  Imagine for a moment, you're sitting at an IRS agent's desk for an audit.  You're told to show your November and December fuel receipts for last year, along with your tire purchases/repairs and mechanical repairs for only August.  They want the dates, individual purchase amounts, and totals to compare with your tax returns, right now.  This happens all the time, and it's called a "spot check."  With Transport Payables, you can do it in seconds either on your device or on their desk computer.  
You can actually look them in the eye and bravely say, "Ask me for whatever you want."  

A one-year membership to Transport Payables is $48 (this should be your first entry in the FEES category of your new data locker).  Naturally, it's a tax deductable business expense.  

Paying by credit card?  Pay securely by clicking the credit card pictures. You can pay via PayPal even if you don't have an account with PayPal. Your secured credit card purchase will appear on your statement as "Sutton Power - Transport Payables." 

PayPal is used by us, as they're the most trusted payment site on the Internet.  Everybody knows PayPal...


If you're paying for your annual membership by check (write your check payable to Sutton Power, LLC.), our mailing address is: 
Sutton Power-Transport Payables, attn: Subscriptions, P.O. Box 883, Manville, NJ, 08835-0883.
 Include your email address (which will be your login name) and the password you'd like to use (all lower case letters). We'll set you up and confirm it by email within a day of receiving your check and/or information.  It's just that easy...

Click this sentence or the credit cards above to sign up and end your receipt hassles forever!

You're now on your way to secure, automated, clutter-free truck receipts!

Transport Payables is looking forward to seeing you. smiley 

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